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We often talk about cultural intelligence as a capability necessary for a foreigner willing to successfully integrate in an incumbent society. We seldom talk about whether the society is intelligent enough to actually receive foreigners, facilitate integration and take advantage of diverse knowledge and experience that they bring with them.


'International outlook' is something that was previously reserved for large companies that did business overseas. The world is no longer mono-cultural – look around and you'll see that diversity is ALREADY HERE, a reality that no one can deny. Cultural intelligence (CQ™) is becoming an important capability to manage this colorful complexity.


Cultural intelligence (CQ™) is the capability to function effectively across various cultural contexts - national, ethnic, organizational, generational, etc

Internationalization of business


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Previously, the predominant approach to cultural competence was teaching people about specific cultures and assuming that "head" knowledge would translate into sensitivity and effectiveness in intercultural contexts. In contrast, our findings indicate that a leader's cultural intelligence is largely a personal capability rooted in the individual's internal motivation, thinking, consciousness, and adaptability. Evidence-based research demonstrates that CQ is a capability that can be assessed and developed with promising results for those who manage with cultural intelligence.


If cultural diversity is your reality at the same time being mission-critical for your organization's result and wellbeing, we can help you to


- Connect the diversity perspective to your overall strategy, stakeholder picture and envisaged results 

- Perform CQ analysis of your organization and its present capabiity to manage diversity 


- Design and implement actions for increasing CQ as a personal and organizational capability for better performance in diversity


Intelligent Organization


is a program that engages the whole organization through a number of interactive meetings of vairous sizes and at various levels. Its components are


CQ Vision: the fellow workers create a holistic vision of their CQ intelligent organization.

CQ Analysis: with the help of our tools we make visible the "now" and the organization's PRESENT capability to work with diversity. Our CQ Model allows us to assess the four interconnected competencies that form the picture: CQ Drive, CQ Knowledge, CQ Strategy and CQ Action.

CQ Enhancement: aided by our CQ facilitator, the organization designs and implements a profound and inclusive program that creates personal and organizational prerequisites for reaching the shared CQ Vision.  


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Is your organization culturally intelligent? Want to test?


 Just to grasp the issue, take 2 minutes for a quick assessment of your organization's CQ.


You'll be offered nine questions with multiple choice answers giving you a number of points, from 1 to 3. Put them together (unfortunately, the software does not do it for you) – and see the key below. 

Your company's CQ??

A quick assessment

9 questions


15-23 points: individuals in your organization have personal experience and interest in cultures different form their own. They might know that cultural backgrounds influence behaviors, sometimes can explain cultural differences. However, few people take time to actually think about how they should modify their own actions in order to be more effective in cross-cultural situations. Individual knowledge seldom becomes the company's asset. Managing diversity is rather a personnel matter, and has no connection to the company's business result.

Have you summed up your points?

9-14 points: people in your organization have limited interest in cross-cultural interactions and probably do not see much need in exploring the present diversity for value creation and as a management resource. Top management is not much involved; no structures or processes related to diversity management are in place.





24-27 points: cultural diversity is seen as an asset for the company's result. The company's strategy is expressed in culture-sensitive terms; the executive team composition reflects the overall diversity picture. In place are culture-related systems and processes that support the business result and stakeholders' expectations, e.g. multilingual customer support, competent relocation services, language support for foreign employees, diversity training initiatives and management support.


The purpose of this exercise is to give you an idea of how organizations can gear up their cultural intelligence (CQ) for creating tangible value by managing diversity and promoting inclusion.

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