Culture beats strategy. Always.


For many business leaders, cultural awareness and understanding is considered a soft skill that can be taken lightly compared to hard skills like market research, negotiation strategies, and business development skills. But a leader's ability to successfully do any of these tasks in a multicultural context quickly becomes a bottom-line issue when dealing with real people in real situations.


You may be a leader of cross-cultural teams, an expatriate manager responsible for post-merger integration, or a global purchaser. You regularly interact with people of different cultural backgrounds - employees, consultants, sales managers, world-wide specialists, suppliers, customers, or joint venture partners.The number one predictor of your success in this borderless world is not your IQ, not your CV, and not even your expertise.


It is your Cultural Intelligence (CQ™) - your INDIVIDUAL capacity to be and remain effective in a variety of cultural contexts, and an powerful key to developing of a global mindset.  



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    We help you develop your CQ for better performance 
in connection with


  • Managing cross-border ventures
  • Managing a foreign subsidiary or a dealership abroad
  • Integration processes with M&A
  • Managing cultural diversity at a workplace


      We provide education and training of expartiate managers with cross-border relocation


      And the only validated CQ Assessments™


Managing abroad


Assessing culture

National vs. Corporate

Reading cultural patterns

CQ Recruitment

CQ Leadership

CQ Assessments™ 



How culture matters in M&A

M&A: hidden costs

Cultural Due Diligence

Appropriate integration strategies

Integrating leadership


CQ Expat


Your CQ profile and cultural adjustment 


Awareness: your cultural patterns in action


Your CQ plan for best performance


Expat skills training 


CQ for your family

CQ Coaching


Starting point: your CQ profile
CQ Drive

CQ Knowledge

CQ Strategy

CQ Action


CQ coaching package
5 structured sessions


Can be supplemented by

Skills training

CQ educaton


Culture hides much more than it reveals, and strangely enough what it hides, it hides most effectively from its own participants.


Edward Hall

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