CQ™ Club

offers a series of informal after-work meetings for everyone interested to explore cultural intelligence in our everyday life



Executive, manager or 'cross-cultural' spouse – all of us are human beings in the first place, and all of us see the world in different ways.


Culture is a tricky thing – it impacts us immensely but it also hides essential keys to our behavior deep in our unconscious. Our hidden cultural mindset makes us think and act in ways that sometimes are counterproductive in cross-cultural environments. We become less effective at work and less happy in our private life.


People possess multiple intelligences. We use our IQ for problem solving, and our EQ for managing feelings and emotions. However, these two do not necessarily make us effective in situations characterized by cultural diversity. It is our Cultural Intelligence (CQ) that steps in.


CQ™ (Cultural intelligence) is the capability to function effectively across national, ethnic, and organizational cultures


 We all know people who elegantly move in and out of various cultures, achieve their goals and remain happy – how do they manage? Everyone has a cultural intelligence quotient (CQ), a score derived from a validated instrument now used by academics, consultants, and managers around the world.


And it's a capability anyone can develop!


Welcome to find out more about cultural intelligence (CQ) in this open workshop series.


It is to inspire you to see the relevance of cultural intelligence to your life, heighten your cross-cultural awareness and help you become more effective in your actions.


We will also present CQ Assessment™ tools that you may want to use for your personal CQ development.

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Autumn season 2015 will be announced soon!

About CQ Club: spring 2013


5 after-work evenings, 18.00-20.00


January, 24, 2013

Exploring CQ in my life. CQ Assessments


February, 4, 2013
My CQ Drive and how to improve it


February, 20 2013
My CQ Knowledge


March, 4, 2013
My CQ Strategy: cultural awareness


March, 19, 2013
CQ Action: how do I DO culture?


Hälsans Hus, Fjällgatan 23B, Stockholm


Price per session
200 kronor incl. VAT
Sandwich and coffee/tee included
Preferably to bankgiro 5370-1165


Please apply to info@intelligentmindsets.com

or +46 70 231 05