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 Honest. Elucidating. Multicultural.


I have worked as a coach since 2004. My background is in international business development, consulting and entrepreneurship.

My coaching philosophy is that every situation – no matter how complex – contains its own 'perfect solution'. One just needs to find it.


When should you engage me as a coach?

You engage me when you have problems defining a proper objective in your present situation.
I can also help strengthen your self-confidence and minute-to-minute awareness when you are to perform in a cross-cultural context.

Who are my clients?

I work with owners, executives and employees of companies of various sizes, in Sweden and abroad. I even work with expatriate managers and their accompanying spouses, as well as with international post-graduate students. My clients live in Finland, Sweden, Russia, Lithuania, Latvia, Estonia, France, Switzerland, Ukraine, USA and Great Britain.

What is unique about my proposition?

As en experienced internationalist and cross-cultural professional I can detect cultural patterns that inform the Client's perspective and behavior. When we bring them to light, the Client's become aware of his own needs and those of the others' involved. A solution starts to emerge!

My clients say that I help them by pointing out the essential in the context and strengthen their self-confidence despite that the discoveries made are sometimes painful.


What kind of result can you expect working with me?

The "fog" is clearing up and you start to see your goal in relation to others involved. You realize that the road to your goal is via Learning; you also understand WHAT and HOW you should learn in order to arrive there. You learn to integrate your goal and those of the others' into one meaningful reality. Relieved, you realize that it is we ourselves who construct our borders – and that it is in our power to tear them down.

What method do I use?

I work with Individual's mindset – the mental settings and filters that inform her "version" of reality and determine her behavior. To simply change a behavior is not actually simple – a profound change implies deep awareness and determination to work with the current "version" of the world. We explore your version and find keys to more effective actions that you will train in your everyday life.

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