The CQ Model™


is developed by David Livermore, a global expert in cultural intelligence, trainer and consultant practicing in over 100 countries of the world. It is built on 25 years of research and supports a CQ assessment instrument, the only scientifically validated tool within the area (the Multi-rater CQ Assessment). 


Anyone can develop her CQ. It offers a leader a perspective and an overall repertoire of skills that can come handy in any cross-cultural situation she finds herself in. It includes four distinct capabilities that consistently emerge with effective cross-cultural leaders: CQ Drive, CQ Knowledge, CQ Strategy and CQ Action.These four capabilities can also be thought of as the four steps toward developing our overall cultural intelligence.



David Livermore about CQ Model™ (video)

4. CQ Action
Ability to adjust behavior for better performance


Ask yourself:
Do I sense a need to adjust my verbal and nonverbal actions as I move through the situation?
What exactly do I need to adapt to do this effectively?

3. CQ Strategy
Awareness and ability to plan for the coming cross-cultural interaction


Ask yourself:
What's my goal for this action?
What is my initial plan?
What cultural assumptions seem to be at play – both yours and others? 

1. CQ Drive

Interest, motivation, self-confidence in cross-cultural work


Ask yourself:
What's my motivation for this task?
Am I prepared to adapt cross-culturally?
Do I have the self-confidence it takes?

2. CQ Knowledge
Knowledge and understanding of cultural differences and similarities


Ask yourself:
Do I know anything about the new culture and how it can affect the business life?
Do I understand how culture shapes peoples' behaviors in general?
Can I see in what ways cultures differ from one another?

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