Assessing cultural intelligence (CQ™)


People have long understood that success in today's globalized economy requires cultural awareness and an ability to adapt to different cultures. Now research indicates that this kind of awareness and capability can be measured and evaluated. It's quantified as your cultural intelligence (CQ).


Everyone has a cultural intelligence quotient (CQ™), a score derived from a validated instrument now used by academics, consultants, and managers around the world.


Your cultural intelligence is made up of four distinct capabilities, each of which can be assessed through a variety of CQ assessments. Each one assessed separately, together, these four capabilities make up your overall cultural intelligence quotient.


The four capabilities are:



CQ Drive





Showing interest, confidence, and drive to adapt cross-culturally

This often gets overlooked. Without the ample drive it is unlikely that you will proactively work with multicultural situations. And certianly not likely to be effective...



CQ Knowledge



Understanding cross-cultural issues and differences

It is NOT about being an expert in every culture in the world - it is impossible. To what extent do you understand some core cultural differences and their impact upon you and others?



  CQ Strategy




Awareness and ability to plan for the coming cross-cultural interaction


To which extent you are aware of your own cultural frame of interpretation to a cross-cultural situation? Do you spend time for reflecting and planning for an efficient interaction? 



CQ Action





 Ability to adjust behavior for better performance


Having a flexible repertoire of behaviors - verbal and non-verbal - to suit various situations while still remaining true to yourself. How do you adapt to a new culture and retain your authenticity?  

Intelligent Mindsets offers the only evidence-based and validated CQ assessments in the world.The assessments are developed by the Cultural Intelligence Center, East Lansing, MI, and can be commission ed by CQ Certified Facilitators.

The following assessments are available:

CQ Multi-Rater Assessment (360°)™

This is the most accurate measure of CQ because it combines self-inventory with feedback from others. Participants and their observers can complete the surveys online. Upon completion, participants receive a personalized feedback report that includes:

• Personal Scores in the 4 CQ capabilities (Drive, Knowledge, Strategy, Action)
• Observer Feedback for the 4 CQ capabilities
• A comparison of how the participant scored compared to CQ worldwide norms
• Feedback on the individual's Cultural Values orientation
 (e.g. the participant's personal preferences regarding values such as individualism vs. collectivism, high vs. low uncertainty avoidance, etc.)
• A developmental plan for improving CQ

CQ Self-Assessment™

This assessment is a self‐inventory of CQ in the four capabilities. Participants complete the assessment online and receive a feedback report with their personal scores and suggestions for improving their CQ.

Individual Cultural Values Inventory

Individuals receive feedback on their personal preferences in 7 cultural values (e.g. individualism vs. collectivism, cooperative vs. competitive, time orientation etc.)

 Additional CQ assessments available for classroom use, study abroad, short-term missions, etc.




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