Two frameworks provide us with tools for facilitating mindset development. Both are deeply developmental; taken together in a personal development process they reinforce each other – an individual's mindset develops its integration capacity in a culturally intelligent manner. 



The Leadership Development Framework


a result of over 30 years of research and rigorous testing. Inspired by ancient philosophers, through tireless efforts of Jane Loevinger, Bill Torbert, Susanne Cook-Greuter and their teams, it was completed by the Leadership Development Profile (LDP). The instrument is developed and continuously refined by the UK-based Harthill Consulting.


LDP illuminates our current mindset, with all its beauties and shadows. This enables us critically assess our current leadership capacity in the face of complexity. But most valuable – LDP clearly illuminates the immediate developmental potential available to us, which allows to devise a tailor-made path for our mindset development.


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The Cultural Intelligence (CQ™) framework

People possess multiple intelligences. IQ refers to our general mental ability which we use for problem solving. Managing feelings and emotions is a domain of our emotional intelligence (EQ). However, these two do not necessarily make us effective in situations characterized by cultural diversity. It is our Cultural Intelligence (CQ) that steps in.


Cultural Intelligence (CQ™) is a person's capability to function effectively in situations characterized by cultural diversity. CQ is a critical capability that enhances employee, manager, and organizational effectiveness. It also enhances interpersonal interactions in a wide range of social contexts.

Cultural intelligence was developed as a concept to provide an overarching theoretical framework to tie together the numerous intercultural models into an academically valid way of conceptualizing and measuring the capability of cultural competence. Everyone has a cultural intelligence quotient (CQ), a score derived from a validated instrument now used by academics, consultants, and managers around the world.
And it's a capability anyone can develop!

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