Here are some examples of the work we have done


Management audit, UAB Litagros prekybos centras: using LDP for strengthening management capacity and improving interaction within the management team, 2013, Lithuania


"Sustainable Leadership": 3 public workshops for the Hunger project in Sweden, November 2012 (pro-bono)


The Swedish Institute Management Program with focus on corporate sustainability: program development and management; 2009-2011, Sweden, Central & Eastern Europe, the Baltic States


"Integral Approach to Leading Sustainability Initiatives": leadership workshops for the Swedish Institute Management Program, 2010-2011, Sweden, Central & Eastern Europe, the Baltic States; in collaboration with the US-based Dana Carman Integral Consulting


"Managing Cultural Diversity in Cross-National Merger": strategy workshops with the management team, the banking sector, 2008, Sweden.


"Value-Based Leadership at Company X's Market Unit Eastern Europe & Central Asia": culture analysis; development of methodology for improving HR approaches and practices; telecom, 2005-2006, Sweden, Russia, Ukraine.


Cultural Intelligence (CQ) workshops for Baltic Training Program: preparing the participants for vocational assignments abroad, 2011-2012, Sweden, Estonia, Latvia


Cultural Awareness and CQ workshops for the Nordpraktik – programs: education program for internationalizing SMEs, training the participants in cultural awareness; 2000-2005, nearly 600 participants from Russia, Sweden, Ukraine and the Baltic States


Numerous coaching assignments in Sweden, Russia and Ukraine; 2000 - present

Country Specialist assignments with Aperian Global, a global talent development firm; expert on Russia and Sweden, 2007-2012


GlobeSmart® Advisor for Aperian Global: content provider for the global business web tool developed by Aperian Global for their clients worldwide



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"Experience tells you what to do; confidence allows you to do it."
Stan Smith