Intelligent Leadership



Shifting markets? Increasing competition?
Emerging technologies? Sustainability issues?


As the challenges intensify, you may need to redesign strategies, redefine corporate values, merge or dissolve businesses, and manage multiple conflicts. Such challenges come with ambiguity and uncertainty, they have no easy answers. The change work is painful - it comes with unfamiliar roles, unclear responsibilities, and often mixed values.


What kind of leaders can embrace this unsure terrain, design powerful initiatives, engage everyone and achieve results?


What makes some complex initiatives a success while many others fail? Is it about how they're designed? Can answers be found in how their leaders engage and interact with it during its implementation?


 A strong correlation between the gears of leaders' mindset and the degree of corporate success has been clearly established in the course of recent empirical studies. The crucial influence on the design of change initiatives is the mindset of the designer's - the lens through which the world is seen, the software that allows meaning-making, and the driver of individual choices and actions.  Leadership seems to be a function of the leader's mindset.


Today's champion is the one who can handle the numerous variables, effectively and timely interact with shifting environments, engage and lead organizations through unfamiliar terrain.


Researchers have established a number of leadership competencies and practices that distinguish leaders able to succeed with highly adaptive challenges. Potential for timely transformation becomes a crucial factor in coping with increasing complexity. The demand for such leaders is growing exponentially as global challenges intensify.


  • What is your toughest leadership challenge today?

  • Does your current leadership capacity match the level of your challenge?

  • What leadership competencies do you need to develop for more effective performance?



Mindset development


Our mindset develops and so can the quality of our leadership. We become able to hold multiple perspectives, create complex shared visions, communicate them to people with diverse worldviews and lead adequately throughout the shifting terrain.