Intelligent Mindset?

Never before has the world been so full of opportunities and so profoundly challenging at the same time. Competition is global. So are financial constraints. Consumer consciousness demands environmentally friendly products. Investors call for social and environmental accountability. Supply chains are expected to be cheap, green and clean, and profitability "best in class". Workplaces have changed, too – the renaissance of Individual and increasing diversity have cancelled old ways of living and leading. 


New generation of managerial capabilities is emerging. Managing in this complex and changing world requires leaders with an intelligent mindset– one with systemic thinking, swift integration capacity and global span. Leadership agility - a capacity to learn at the very moment of action - becomes crucial.

What kind of mindset support new managerial capabilities?

Can mindsets develop?


Mindset is the "software" that reflects how we see the world and make meaning of what we see. Our "mind settings" ultimately determine how we act. They develop throughout our whole life. As they do, we become better at integrating bits and pieces, handling greater complexity and managing diversity we get exposed to.


Our mindset develops and so can the quality of our leadership. As development unfolds, our tolerance for difference and ambiguity increases, while personal defenses decrease. We become able to hold multiple perspectives, create complex shared visions, communicate them to people with diverse worldviews and lead adequately throughout the shifting terrain. 



  • What is my current mindset and How does it affect my management?

  • Does my current capacity match the level of my challenge?

  • How can I develop my leadership in order to handle more complex objectives?




Minds are like parachutes. They only function when they are open.

Sir James Dewar, scientist

 Welcome to explore YOUR mindset – its current strengths and weaknesses – with Intelligent Mindsets!